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In Type Heaven…

My husband and I went down to the Scott Antique Market on Saturday in search of an old metal and wood trough we could use as a planter on our patio. If you haven’ been to Scotts, it is really a fun adventure, if not a HOT one. It’s only once a month, so you have to plan ahead (and check their website for coupons).  We were perusing around the outdoor area and I stumbled upon a booth selling reclaimed sign lettering. I love how the seller had all the letters lined up along the ground. It almost looked like a painting. I LOVE type – in ANY form, but especially 3 dimensional! I had to keep myself in check, as I REALLY don’t have anywhere to put any 3D letters, but it was great to walk among them! (It also reminded me that planning a trip to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas is still on my bucket list…)

Further afield in the outdoor market was a metal artist what had a huge set up of all kinds of metal lettering, signs and sculptures. More type to fill my soul. I couldn’t help it but buy my daughters initials in 3D, but had to hold back on the 3D metal Atlanta United sign – wow that would have been cool at the GunderGround bar. But maybe next year.

But I DID get my type fix for the weekend! Oh, and we did find the perfect old metal outdoor sink for our patio. Success!

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