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Metal Milestone…

I started CTD officially on November 17, 2008….and at the time I was told, “this is literally the worst time AND the best time to start your own business…” We had a one and a half year old child, a new home we had purchased at the “perfectly wrong” time to buy and of course BIG dreams. Thankfully I had amazing support from my family, friends and had future clients at the doorstep!

CTD has certainly come a long way in a decade (wow, that makes it sound even longer!) We have had many successes and of course many challenges along the way that have made us stronger. “The collective they” say that the traditional 10th anniversary gift is something tin or aluminum. I found these metal letters a while back, but never did anything with them. Now I am going to put them up in my office to celebrate this “metal milestone.”

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in this 10 year journey. You know who you are. At a time when being thankful is top of mind, I am truly grateful.

Decade TWO starts NOW!

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