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The Psychology of Color

The way a color makes you feel has always been fascinating to me. From brand colors, to team colors to choosing a paint color for a room, it is all very subjective. Color impacts how we think, feel and behave, but we all don’t react the same way to colors. Our past experiences with a particular color affect our current and often future feelings. But with that subjectivity comes a few thoughts on the personality of colors that seem to continue to hold true.

Red: powerful, dynamic and energizing. Can portray affection and love, but also terror and survival

Orange: often represents physical comfort and warmth. Positive attitude and enthusiasm for life.

Yellow:  joy, happiness and optimism. Longest wavelength making it easiest color to see.

Green: balance and harmony. Reflects life, rest and peace.

Blue: trust and dependability. Reliable and responsible and mentally soothing. Blue also crosses the most common color blindness categories, thus why it was chosen for Facebook (Zuckerberg is partially color blind).

Purple: imagination, spirituality. Possesses the power of red and the reliability of blue.

Pink: compassion and unconditional love. Nurturing, caring and understanding.

Brown: structure, security and protection.

Gold: charm, confidence, luxury and treasure.

Black: sophistication, seriousness, control and independence. Reserved color in that it is an absence of all color.

White: Complete and pure. Innocence, cleanliness and peace. Equal balance of all colors, embodying equality.

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